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    22 Signs You Are A Sign

    Only signs will understand.

    1. You display information.

    2. Sometimes you have pictures and text.

    3. You tell people how to feel.

    4. You warn people about things like violent excrement.

    5. You alert people of events or general happenings.

    6. You warn neighbors about pooping.

    7. You talk about penises.

    8. You have a good sense of humor.

    9. You offer deals sometimes.

    10. You are outside of a church or other establishment that likes to display information.

    11. You alert people of attractions.

    12. You let people know that something is happening inside of a building.

    13. You provide information on tasty-ass snacks.

    14. You warn people before they make stupid mistakes.

    15. You let people know what is inside of you.

    16. You are clear and people understand you and can read you from their vehicles.

    17. You tell people that Jesus was here.

    18. You warn people of impending doom.

    19. Or impending joy.

    20. Sometimes you are next to other signs and that sign becomes your friend.

    21. You let people know that they might be making a huge mistake.

    22. Or you let people know they're about to enter the greatest place on earth.

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