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Rihanna Spilled Popcorn At The VMAs And Blamed It On Someone Else

God bless Rihanna.

So Rihanna was at the VMAs, minding her own business with a bucket of popcorn, judging Miley Cyrus...

Trying to act like she cared, even though she didn't care...

And then she spilled the whole popcorn bucket on the girl next to her.

And then she tried to pick up a handful and pretend like it didn't happen.

Except it did happen, and then she tried to just dance it off.

But then she was like, "I'm gonna just throw it on this girl's chair."

And then she was like, "Shh."

Then when she saw the moment on Instagram, she commented and said: "I put it ON the seat in front me! Homegirl sat right on it"

Watch the whole moment: