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21 Reporters Having A Way Worse Day At Work Than You

THIS JUST IN: Your job could be worse.

1. This guy who got de-pantsed while covering what appears to be an underwear exercise routine.

2. This reporter who had to deal with this guy in the middle of a very important broadcast.

3. This reporter who is totally not into this boy's gentle graze.

4. The reporter who had to deal with these bros getting busy in the background.

5. The reporter that got assigned to go watch this man try to fly.

6. This guy who was having a wonderful day holding a chicken until it moved.

7. This reporter who has literally just had enough.

8. This reporter who accidentally drew a penis and nobody had the heart to even tell her.

9. The reporter who had to sit in the car with these guys.

10. The reporter who got attacked by tattooed Santa Claus in the middle of a broadcast.

11. This guy who had to deal with TWO run-by kissers at the same time.

12. This guy who doesn't even know why these guys brought bananas to a baseball game to begin with.

13. This reporter who had to compete with this man for air time.

14. This reporter who was almost done with her broadcast when this happened and now she probably won't be able to sleep at night.

15. The reporter who had to deal with this insanely creepy drunk woman for an entire broadcast.

16. This guy who actually almost died doing his job.

17. This reporter who was just trying to report on some soccer and then this happened.

18. And this guy who was minding his own business, chatting about football...

19. This reporter who didn't expect to be responsible for this surprise cat.

20. Whichever reporter thought, "Ugh, this day is actually the worst so I might as well just rub this man's chest fur."

21. And this business reporter who is just really, really trying to pay attention while these guys go to town on one another.

News is unfolding right behind you, sir. Embrace it.