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Updated on Nov 24, 2018. Posted on Feb 1, 2014

20 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Perfection That Is Harry Styles

Happy Harry Styles' 20th birthday to everybody!

1. Because he wakes up every morning with his giant moppy hair and face and smile and rolls around in his own perfection.

2. Because his pants are so wonderfully tight, you can literally bounce a quarter off his back and probably kill another human.

3. Because he dances like a beautiful monkey let out of its cage.

4. Because his moppy hair doesn't know how to behave around his beautiful face so it just tries to escape.

5. Because, 90% of the time, he actually has zero idea what to do with his own body.

6. Or his own face.

7. Or his own beautiful tongue.

8. Because of this beautiful smile and face and teeth and hair and this dumb shirt that he still looks amazing in.

9. Because of that giant dumb smile he always has on his giant dumb perfect face.


11. Because he always kinda looks confused but also still beautiful, like he's confused by how beautiful he actually is.

12. Because his skin is made out of the same material as silk sheets and clouds and fluffy rabbits.

13. Because this little giggly face has the power to erupt a thousand volcanoes.

14. Because this is the face he makes when trying to zip up his unreasonably tight pants.

15. Because of his arms.

16. And also his goofy face.

17. But mostly his arms.

18. Because this is what he looks like while trying to subtly adjust himself in public.

19. But mostly because he's gorgeous and nice and funny and probably smells really good right after he showers and maybe for a little while after that too.

20. And also he loves what he does and everybody else loves what he does cause he's Harry Styles and he is literally perfection.

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