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31 Reasons Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are The Greatest Couple Of All Time

It's Jayoncé's five-year anniversary...and they are as perfect as ever.

31. The way they talk about one another 'cause they're so in love.

30. The way Jay-Z is always blown away by Beyoncé, even when she's wearing a split-leg denim skirt.

29. The way they always look absolutely perfect together.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images
Larry Busacca / Getty Images

28. The way they always look so happy to be together.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

27. The way they are actually royalty.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

26. The way they tell each other secrets.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

25. The way they laugh at LeBron James together.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

24. They way they do their secret handshake.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

23. The way they dance together.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

22. The way Jay-Z always seems amazed by Beyoncé's body.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

21. ...even when she's wearing a green screen.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

20. The way Beyoncé sometimes pets Jay-Z like an animal.

19. The way Beyoncé always smiles at Jay-Z.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
Doug Benc / Getty Images
Julio Cortez / AP
Bill Kostroun / AP

18. And the way she smells his face.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

17. The way they always hold each other.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

16. And laugh together.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

15. And cuddle each other while watching basketball.

14. And look like king and queen.

13. And walk shoulder-to-shoulder.

12. The way they dressed like this that one time and somehow still looked perfect.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

11. They way that every picture of them looks perfect.

10. The way they go on yachts together.

9. The way they still love each other even when the other person is being ridiculous.

8. They way they hug each other like they mean it.

7. The way Beyoncé talks about him...

6. ...and the look he has on his face when she does.

5. Basically every time they're together...

4. ...they look so happy to see one another.

3. The way they're actually best friends.

James Devaney/FilmMagic

2. The way they are actually perfect.

1. Because they are Beyoncé and Jay-Z and they are the greatest couple of ALL TIME.

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