Probably The Most Accurate Thing Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Ever Said

    JGL dropped some absolute truth on The Colbert Report. And there's proof.

    So Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on The Colbert Report, just chatting about things like life and movies and, you know, masturbation.

    And Stephen was like, "Um, I don't masturbate to pornography..."

    And JGL was like, "Yeah, totally, me neither. Well said, sir."

    And THEN... while they were giggling...

    JGL decides to drop this absolute truth bomb.

    And then JGL laughs because he knows it's true. Everybody knows it's true.

    And then Stephen is like, "You should make this official. Because this is true. Everybody knows it's true."

    So, basically, JGL knows that people find this attractive...

    And sometimes people think about him doing this.

    And this.

    And basically just a lot of this.

    And in conclusion "People masturbate to me" is by far the truest and most appropriate thing Joseph Gordon-Levitt has ever said.