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    Meet Luke, The Most Important Character On "American Horror Story: Coven"

    Shirtless guy next door = importance.

    Meet Alexander Dreymon, a.k.a. "Luke Ramsey," a.k.a. the sheltered but super hot guy who lives next door to the bad bitches of American Horror Story: Coven.


    Sure, Luke wears this dopey shirt tucked into his dopey pants and lives with his dopey mom.

    But also, and more importantly, Luke licks cake off of his fingers...

    Luke takes his shirt off like this...

    And Luke wipes his face with that shirt like this.

    Basically, this might be the most important part of the whole season.

    And Luke is obviously the most important character on the entire show.

    As further proof, I present... this face and these eyes and this little face hair.

    Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

    I present this all-black red-carpet situation.

    Getty Images

    I present this solid grey-shirt look.

    And this beautiful rolled-up denim sleeves and spiky hair look.

    Furthermore, I present Alexander Dreymon's former roles, including man with big arms who sits backwards in chair:


    Hot dude who stands in tiny blue underwear by a lake:


    Hot dude who blocks out the sun while wiping himself down with a towel:


    Hot dude sitting on a pier in tiny speedos:


    And, of course, hot German dude who makes out with Matt Smith:


    In conclusion, Luke is obviously the most important character in this show and he's probably the next supreme and everybody should pay attention to him for exactly one billion reasons.