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    Harry Styles Eating Bananas

    "Never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana." —Harry Styles

    Harry Styles dancing in a jersey while chewing a banana.

    Harry Styles slowly chomping off a large piece of banana and then chewing it.

    Harry Styles slightly putting the tip of a banana in his mouth.

    Harry Styles putting the entire tip of a banana in his mouth.

    Harry Styles taking a bite of banana with the side of his mouth.

    Harry Styles making a peace sign while eating a banana and then slowing inserting it into his mouth while making eye contact with someone.

    Harry Styles taking three successive sexual chomps of a banana and also Harry Styles dancing wildly while eating a banana.

    Harry Styles considering the size and weight of his banana.

    Harry Styles smirking while biting into a banana from the side.

    Harry Styles putting his entire mouth around a banana.

    Harry Styles crouching and staring intently while slowing inserting a banana into his face.

    Harry Styles running intently in a tight shirt while chomping angrily into a banana.

    Harry Styles bending over with a mouthful of banana.

    Harry Styles considering his life choices while eating a banana.

    Harry Styles chuckling to himself internally and then greedily taking another mouthful of banana.

    And finally, Harry Styles standing up from a squat and thrusting and then putting a banana into his face very quickly.

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