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    Ellen Sends Two Staffers To Another Haunted House To Terrify Them Once Again

    And, once again, their reactions are absolutely priceless.

    A couple weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres sent two staffers — her writer, Amy, and executive producer, Andy — to a haunted house, part of a yearly Ellen tradition. And because their reactions were so priceless, she sent them again:

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    Their most priceless reactions:

    The "We're Being Attacked By Mimes" Reaction:


    The "Are You Even Serious Right Now?" Reaction:

    The "Dear God, I Will Push You Through A Wall If It Means I Make It Out Alive" Reaction:

    The "We See The Next Scary Thing" Reaction:

    The "OH MY GOD, THE WALL IS MOVING" Reaction:

    The "Hold Onto Anything That's Not Moving And Scream" Reaction:

    The "Demand That They Stop It Right Now" Reaction:

    The "Scream For Your Freakin' Life" Reaction:

    And, once again, The "I'm Ellen And I Do What I Want" Reaction:

    Watch Andy and Amy's first hilarious haunted house video here.

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