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    Bushy Eyebrows Are The Hottest Thing Ever

    They're like big cozy sweaters. But hotter.

    Let's talk about bushy eyebrows for a sec.

    Mostly how they're the hottest thing ever.

    They're like, "Yeah, I'm big and bushy and gorgeous."

    They're like the boobs of the face.

    They make a sexy face even sexier.

    Also they're just super hot.

    Like, just look at them.

    So wild and free and without inhibition.

    So bold.

    So dark and mysterious.

    They're like a sexy face frame.

    Like sexy eye hats.

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate...

    These exceptionally sexy, bushy brows.

    They're like the sexy abs of the face.

    Like sexy, burly face caterpillars.

    No wimpy, thin brows here.

    Just pure, brawny brow.

    Thick and precious.

    Bushy and luxurious.

    Like sexy wooly face mammoths.

    Basically the hottest thing ever.