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94 Reasons The VMAs Have ALWAYS Been About Beyoncé

Every year is the BeyMAs. Every single year.

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1. It all began on September 7, 2000, the Year Of Our Lord Beysus Christ, when Beyoncé Giselle Knowles arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards for the very first time prepared to change the very course of history.


14. She lands on a couch and all these men in black tights are like, "OH MY GOD, IT'S BEYONCÉ." Nobody knows what's going on. Not even Beyoncé.


19. She gets a glittery bottle of water mid-performance. Someone rips off her pants and slaps a fur boa in her hands. At this point, she doesn't even know what's happening. But it's all perfect.


30. Fast forward to 2004. The world has had exactly one year to recover from Her last performance. Golden Thickyoncé and her cleavage have returned. Her hair is bigger than ever.

43. Then... seconds later... WARDROBE CHANGE AGAIN. She's descending from the sky. Inmate 9481 escaped. "Ring The Alarm" is blaring. She is gliding from the skies, serving fugitive realness.

62. And then BOOM. The world changed. Kanye gets on stage, snatches the mic from Taylor Swift and says the thing EVERYONE WAS THINKING ALL ALONG: "TAYLOR. I'MMA LET YOU FINISH. BUT BEYONCÉ HAD THE GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO. OF. ALL. TIME."

68. And then... seconds later... ANOTHER WARDROBE CHANGE. Beyoncé walks out in her "Single Ladies" number like, "I'm ready to PROVE to y'all why that award was mine."

78. Fast forward to 2011, the Year of 4. Beyoncé glides onto stage in a snazzy purple jacket, prepared to put your love/our love/the world's love ON TOP.