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33 Animals That Want Nothing To Do With Love

Sure, it's Valentine's Day. But being in love is so much work.

1. This husky who is petrified by all the public displays of affection.

2. This cat who just wanted to enjoy a nice dinner by himself.

3. This pug who doesn't want to be responsible for buying this cat flowers and dinner and jewelry.

4. This dog who just wanted to take things slowly.

5. This deer who isn't ready for commitment.

6. This cat who's feeling a little smothered and wants her personal space.

7. This dog who's just happy being friends.

8. This dog who is just not interested at all.

9. This cat who thinks things are happening too fast.

10. This dog who does NOT want all this smothering attention.

11. This cat who would rather just sleep by herself for a little bit.

12. This cat who doesn't like how fresh this deer is getting.

13. This cat who would rather be spending Valentine's Day with a jug of wine instead of this dog.

14. This cat who wants nothing more than to tell this bird that they should see other animals.

15. This cat who likes what they have going on but doesn't want to jeopardize this friendship.

16. This dog who just isn't ready emotionally.

17. This cat who's worried that long-distance love is too difficult.

18. This dog who just wants to enjoy a few episodes of "The West Wing" without having to worry about talking to his girlfriend every five minutes.

19. This cat who just wants to live the single gal's life for a while.

20. This dog who just has a lot going on in his life right now.

21. This cat who thinks maybe her boyfriend and her need to take a break.

22. This cat who thought she'd just have a nice evening with a little bit of chocolate and perhaps a Netflix movie.

23. This cat who thinks things are getting a bit too crazy.

24. This dog who doesn't have the heart to tell his best friend to back up a bit.

25. This dog who thinks maybe he and this kangaroo should go on a few more dates before getting serious.

26. This dog who wants a little more time all to himself.

27. This dog who thinks all of his friends who fell in love are gross.

28. This cat who just wants to come home and go to sleep a little early after eating a sandwich in bed.

29. This deer who thinks this dog is coming on a little strong.

30. This cat who is really not into dating anybody right now.

31. This dog who just wanted to go on a nice snowy stroll alone.

32. This cat who really wants to just have his own personal time.

33. And this dog who just knew better.