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50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

Animals are weird. Real weird.

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50. This cat mirror shot.

49. This dude under a bunch of chickens.

48. This pug riding a pony.

47. This interaction.

46. This selfie.

45. This dog that doesn't look like a dog.

44. Whatever this is.

43. This dog that might be Spiderman.

42. This studious sloth.

41. This levitating alpaca.

40. This cheese puff dog.

39. This dog's fab hairdo.

38. This dude going cray with his monkeys.

37. These besties.

36. Whatever is happening here.

35. And whatever is happening here.

34. This stunning Christmas pic.

33. This.

32. This hungover dog.

31. These two.

30. This dog.

29. And this one.

28. This dog that hollowed out a pillow home.

27. This horse just trying to be cool.

26. This blazed dog.

25. And this blazed cat.

24. This aggressive goat.

23. This suspicious dog.

22. This cheese dog.

21. This.

20. This chill monkey.

19. This pole-dancing dog.

18. This.

17. This suave goat.

16. Whatever is happening here.

15. And whatever is happening here.

14. This deer being serenaded.

13. These two.

12. This suspicious horse.

11. This elephant.

10. This fat squirrel.

9. This cool horse bro.

8. This dog maybe trying to be a chef.

7. These two.

6. This cow.

5. This dog.

4. This dog going to prom.

3. This deer.

2. This.

1. And this dog imitating Nicole Scherzinger.

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