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Family Turns Tabels On Bank of America

Bank of America tries to foreclose on a family that did not owe any money (they paid for their house in cash). The family turns the tables on the bank and forecloses them instead. Sweet, Sweet Irony/Justice .

mattb17 • 7 years ago

Brandon Roy's Epic Comeback

On April 23 Brandon Roy who had double knee surgery in January and faced the prospect of seeing his NBA career end, helped lead the Blazers from a massive deficit going into the 4th quarter to a victory.

mattb17 • 8 years ago

Trailer Blazers Make Amazing Comeback

The Portland Trail Blazers were down nearly 24 points going into the 4th.

mattb17 • 8 years ago

Timbers Army Sings the National Anthem

The Portland Timbers just won their first MLS game! Before the game started the fanatics of the Timbers Army belt out an impressive rendition of the National Anthem. NO PITY.

mattb17 • 8 years ago

World's Bravest Lemming

Either this is the bravest small arctic rodent.... or this little bugger is having surprising difficulty trying to leave this world.

mattb17 • 8 years ago