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    10 Unbelievable Things Boris Johnson Has Done To Cover Up London's Air Pollution

    Over 4,000 people die each year in London yet despite threats of fines from the EU, the Mayor Boris Johnson is doing nothing to protect the health of Londoners. This is a collection of just some of the unbelievable things the Mayor has done to cover-up for his lack of action on air pollution. To find out what he should have done, head to: For more air pollution news and campaigns check out Clean Air in London at:

    1. Pretending he's Alan Titchmarsh

    Left Foot Forward / Via

    The Mayor was given £5m to tackle London’s air pollution. He spent most of that money on pot plants.

    2. Using Pritt-Stick as his weapon of choice.

    The Guardian / Via

    In 2010 the Mayor wasted £1.4m of taxpayer’s money on a scheme to “glue” air pollution to London’s roads.

    3. Save your breath until you're next near an air pollution monitor.


    Under more intense scrutiny during the Olympics, Boris stepped-up his efforts - but only at the locations where pollution was being monitored.

    4. Using the “dog ate my air pollution statistics” excuse / Via

    In 2012 it was revealed that information from air pollution monitoring stations in areas of high pollution were being withheld from the European Commission.

    5. Ever heard of Marylebone-on-Sea?

    Left Foot Forward / Via

    Seaside towns in Europe are allowed to knock-off 5% from their pollution results because sea salt can interfere with monitoring devices. Remarkably, Boris Johnson has tried to use the same reasoning to escape European Union fines for the high levels of air pollution on Marylebone Road.

    Time to get the deckchairs out.

    6. Boris Johnson says tomato…

    Pollution Solutions / Via

    …his own government says “The Mayor’s statistics on air pollution do not adequately reflect government data on the subject”.

    7. Supermarkets pump out the smell of croissants...

    Mayor's Question Time / Via

    ...the underground pumps out the smell of exhaust fumes.

    Ventilation in the underground comes from air vents strategically located next to London's polluted roads. You'd think they'd be filtered. No such luck.

    8. Building an overweight “green” bus that actually contributes to air pollution

    Left Foot Forward / Via

    The Mayor has spent £30m on a new vanity bus. Its emissions credentials are already out of date and the whole fleet will need to be retrofitted at the end of the year to meet the EU’s new standards.

    He would’ve been better popping to Homebase for another round of pot plants.

    9. Boris Johnson ne parle le language de air pollution

    BBC News / Via

    When a recent smog incident hit south-east England and France, French authorities were quick to act – making the Paris Metro free on weekends to encourage the use of public transport and restricting car use. Boris Johnson meanwhile refused to even issue a public health warning.

    10. If you can’t be bothered to tackle air pollution…

    RT News / Via

    …try and change the laws so you don’t have to.

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