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    10 Unbelievable Things Boris Johnson Has Done To Cover Up London's Air Pollution

    Over 4,000 people die each year in London yet despite threats of fines from the EU, the Mayor Boris Johnson is doing nothing to protect the health of Londoners. This is a collection of just some of the unbelievable things the Mayor has done to cover-up for his lack of action on air pollution. To find out what he should have done, head to: For more air pollution news and campaigns check out Clean Air in London at:

    1. Pretending he's Alan Titchmarsh

    2. Using Pritt-Stick as his weapon of choice.

    3. Save your breath until you're next near an air pollution monitor.

    4. Using the “dog ate my air pollution statistics” excuse

    5. Ever heard of Marylebone-on-Sea?

    6. Boris Johnson says tomato…

    7. Supermarkets pump out the smell of croissants...

    8. Building an overweight “green” bus that actually contributes to air pollution

    9. Boris Johnson ne parle le language de air pollution

    10. If you can’t be bothered to tackle air pollution…