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Game Of Thrones Meets Seinfeld

Watch the hilarious sitcom, "Game of Thrones!"

MatinComedy 3 months ago

This Is How I Feel When I Go To Work Monday Morning

This is how I feel when I go to work Monday morning

MatinComedy 2 years ago

Costco Rap Song

This is how I feel about shopping at Costco.

MatinComedy 2 years ago

Skippy The Dog Goes To The Park Wearing A GoPro

What happens when you put a GoPro arounds Skippy's neck and let him go to the park by himself? Not what you think...

MatinComedy 2 years ago

Matin's Stand-Up Comedy

Here is some of my Kurdish stand-up comedy.

MatinComedy 3 years ago

I Have Costco Problems

This is how I feel about Costco

MatinComedy 4 years ago

Your Dad Isn't This Cheap

This is some of my stand-up comedy.

MatinComedy 4 years ago

Kurdish Stand-Up Comedy

Another Kurdish stand-up comedian from north Iraq. I am getting tired of seeing these people!

MatinComedy 4 years ago

iPhone Stand-Up Comedy

My point of view from the stage when I do stand-up comedy.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Kids Are Like Farts

Intellectual fart comedy for your pleasure.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Middle Eastern Stand-Up Comedy

My audition tape to NBC's America's Got Talent.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Game Of Thrones Meets Seinfeld - Episode #5

I know what you're thinking, Game of Thrones deserves a Seinfeld laugh track.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Twilight Meets Seinfeld

Bella moves to a new town and meets a bunch of hilarious vampires.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

The Godfather Meets Seinfeld

Francis Ford Coppola finally teams up with Jerry Seinfeld!

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Seven Meets Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld writes and directs the horror movie Seven.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

The Walking Dead Meets Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld shows the lighter side of The Walking Dead.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Christopher Walken Reads The Road Not Taken

Christopher Walken Reads The Road Not Taken.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

V Wants You To Subscribe To His YouTube Channel

V wants you to laugh more. The revolution has begun!

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Memento Meets Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld remakes Memento.

MatinComedy 5 years ago

Kill Bill Meets Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld finally teams up with Quentin Tarantino to remake Kill Bill.

MatinComedy 5 years ago