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20 Ways To Celebrate Your Revolution Ukrainian Style

You've just witnessed Yushchenko's fall from power on a largely peaceful day in Kyiv. After 93 days of protest, here's how you celebrate a revolution like a Ukrainian.

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11. Get to work uncovering corruption.

Pavlo Podufalov/Kyiv Post / Via Twitter: @ChristopherJM

Kyiv Post journalists have been bravely reporting the Euromaidan protests in the face of violence from pro-government forces since 21st November 2013. They are staying in the presidential palace tonight to piece together captured documents. Read their live updates here.

16. Make your former enemies pay respect.

Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images / Via

A suspected pro-government sniper was forced to pay respect to a make-shift memorial. Eyewitnesses say he was wrestled to the ground but not beaten:

@AFP @shustry He wasn't beat. I was standing right near him. He did have a pistol during one of the funerals and the people subdued him.— Johnny Semeniuk (@jsemeniuk11) February 22, 2014

18. Meet your hero.


Yulia Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister and Leader of the Orange revolution was released from prison after a parliament vote. She has long been a symbol of hope against Yuschenko's corruption.

19. Watch an historic speech.

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Tymoshenko addressed the crowds gathered in the Maidan square from her wheelchair. She was welcomed warmly, although she does not enjoy universal support among the opposition movement. Find the English translation of her speech here.

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