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    I Decided To Rank All Of The Pixar Movies From "Not Great" To "Pure Art" Because Someone Had To

    I wonder what it says about me that my favorite Pixar movies are about sadness and death...

    Hi there, I’m Mathew and I’m a total Disney dad.

    My little guy and I watched Luca recently (if you haven't seen it yet, literally stop what you're doing and go watch it on Disney+), and it got my husband and I talking about which Pixar movies are iconic and which are...well, meh.

    Here's what I came up with!

    Feel free to agree or disagree. I'd love to see a good die-hard Disney fan debate up in these comments.

    24. The Good Dinosaur

    Spot the dinosaur looks at a firefly flying by at night, a sense of wonder in his eyes

    23. Brave

    Merida and Queen Elinor staring intensely into each other's eyes

    22. Cars 2

    Lightning McQueen and Mater parked outside

    21. Toy Story 2

    Jessie sitting in the window sill, furrowing her brows sadly

    20. Cars 3

    Cruz Ramirez looking off to the side

    19. Finding Dory

    My toddler Leon watching "Finding Dory"

    18. Toy Story

    Sid from "Toy Story" sitting in the backyard

    17. Cars

    Sally and Lightning McQueen look down on Radiator Springs

    16. Monsters University

    Mike stands on top of a car and looks down at Dean Hardscrabble

    15. A Bug's Life

    Flick showing off his magnifying gladd to Princess Atta

    14. Onward

    Ian reading a letter as Laurel and Barley look over his shoulders

    13. Ratatouille

    12. Monsters, Inc.

    Sulley holding Boo dressed up like a monster while he and Mike smile awkwardly

    11. Incredibles 2

    Edna Mode holding baby Jack-Jack up to scan his eyes

    10. The Incredibles

    Dash, Violet, Elastigirl, and Mr. Incredible hug

    9. WALL-E

    Wall-E looking very sad

    8. Luca

    7. Finding Nemo

    Marlin gently touches Nemo's fin as he lies on the ground

    6. Up

    Russell holds up a walkie talkie and smiles while Carl looks down at him, angry

    5. Toy Story 3

    Woody looking up sadly from the fire pit

    4. Toy Story 4

    Woody holding Forky's hand as they walk along the side of the street

    3. Inside Out

    Joy looking down with her brows furrow as Sadness looks on

    2. Coco

    Grandma Coco

    1. Soul

    Joe looks ahead

    That's my ranking! Lemme know if you agree or disagree.

    Oh yeah, one more thing...Disney parents FTW!