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    Selena Gomez Went To The Celine Show In Vegas And Fanned Out Just Like The Rest Of Us

    Who doesn't love a good Celine Dion concert?

    Last night, icon in her own right Selena Gomez went to see the one-and-only Celine Dion in Vegas.

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat

    I mean, what else would you do with a free night in the City of Sin?

    Like any of us, Selena provided full coverage of her evening on SnapChat.

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat

    Which started a squad trip to the merch counter.

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat

    Followed by a little bit of wandering around Caesars Palace...

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat / Via

    And plenty of selfies!

    Looking cool, ladies!

    Selena then paid her respects to Queen Celine!

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat

    And, like all of us, got a little choked up.

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat / Via

    "Because you loved me..." 😢

    All in all, looks like Selena and her squad had a good time.

    Selena Gomez / SnapChat / Via


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