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    11 Non-Human Disney Characters Who Made You Feel Things ~Down There~

    Had a crush on an animated animal? Same.


    Let's start with an easy one, the Beast was fucking hot and we all know it.

    And. Most importantly. Check out that big, muscular body:

    Did you know? The Beast was the only Disney prince to participate in a nude scene.

    We've all had conversations like this:

    Pre-human Beast all the way.


    This cat has MAJOR game.

    Don't worry, this is a normal reaction to The Aristocats:


    *Books ticket to France*


    "Netflix and chill?"



    Thought so.


    Such a DILF.

    Disney's sexiest dad. Hands down.

    Don't overthink it...

    Totally jealous of that bitch, Perdy.


    Tarzan who?

    Why are the jerky guys always so damn hot?

    Those arms.


    Vixey's wink says it all.

    Hella hot.


    OK, hear me out on this one...

    I know. Aladdin was the hairless fuckboy and Jasmine had the bod that wouldn't stop. But Carpet was loyal, eager, and willing to please.

    Plus, Carpet was clearly a romantic type.

    You might be wondering how exactly one would actually ~do~ anything with a carpet.

    Well... Check out that tassel finger.

    Mmm hmm.


    The sexual tension between Lightning and Sally was undeniable:

    Pretty sexy? More like dripping with sex appeal.


    "And oh that blowfish blow!"

    Because any fish who can ~blow~ that well deserves to be in a list of sexy Disney animals.

    Just sayin'.


    Now here's a look that would make anyone's panties drop to the floor.

    So. Damn. Sexy.


    Obviously I couldn't broach the topic of hot Disney animals without mentioning the one-and-only Robin Hood.


    "Raw sex appeal."

    Robin Hood: The animated fox who pretty much everyone wanted to fuck.