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"There's Gonna Be Snow, Water, {And} Rain" At The Britney Vegas Show

More details on that, and 9 other things the Queen revealed during her interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning.

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Britney Spears let a little bit of crazy out when she spoke with Ryan Seacrest this morning...

She revealed quite a bit during the conversion.

First and foremost she said that "there's gonna be snow, water, rain, everything" at her Vegas show.

That's right. She said rain...


And snow!

Note to self. "Pack poncho for Britney Vegas trip."

Prepare for the most epic concert experience EVER!

Britney also revealed a few other fun gems. Like the fact that her choreographers are gay. Holla!

And they (along with many of us gay fans) love "Work Bitch."

They even call her "Nasty Mommy Bitch."

Who doesn't want a nickname like that?

Her new album will be her most personal yet. She even compared recording it to therapy.

Performing and music "from the heart" helped her "get over" her recent breakup.

Which was better than thinking "about it every night…" Anyone else share the sudden urge to give the girl a hug?

She has a swing set. Or her kids do.

Ryan joked that she'd need to move her slide and swing set to Vegas for her kids. Those lucky bastards.

Her stylist also works for Lady Gaga, and was wearing a pair of Gaga's shoes she wore in here recent bikini pic.

She was "freaking out" during her recent Vegas helicopter ride, and randomly thought a plan was going to fly into them.

She'll be living in Vegas two weeks of each month.

Immediately following the interview Starbucks' stock rose 20%.

Immediately following the interview Starbucks' stock rose 20%.

She likes to out on a show, and will be "bringing it" in Vegas.

So buy your tickets now if you haven't already!

Oh, and ended the chat by using Kelly Clarkson's catch phrase, "cool beans."

Listen to the two part interview below.

How I wish she would do more candid interviews.

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