49 Vegan & Gluten Free Things To Bake In December

Thank Britney the month has 31 days. Plenty of time to bake everything on this list…

1. 1. Beet and pomegranate red velvet cupcakes

Made WITHOUT any red food coloring. Topped with a vegan cashew and macadamia nut cream cheese frosting. Recipe here.

2. 2. Gingersnap cookies

Brown sugar and molasses give these cookies color and flavor.

3. 3. Carrot cake with walnut cream cheese frosting

A bit of citrus and a couple of spices give this cake an amazing winter flavor.

4. 4. Coconut sugar cookies

Use this cookie recipe and decorate with vegan icing, coconut flakes, and dried fruit.

5. 5. Spiced sweet potato donuts

Recipe here.

6. 6. Super easy banana corn muffins

The riper the bananas the better! Recipe here.

7. 7. Chocolate, zucchini, basil, and raspberry cake

With a raw chocolate avocado icing. Recipe here.

8. 8. Pear and ginger cheesecake

With a salted caramel drizzle.

9. 9. Pumpkin cranberry cornbread

Made with fresh cranberries. Recipe here.

10. 10. Zucchini basil focaccia

Recipe here.

11. 11. Gingerbread cake (in a jar)

Individual servings of heaven. Recipe here.

12. 12. Pumpkin bundt cakes

Drizzled with a 2 ingredient glaze. Recipe here.

13. 13. Cranberry bread

Make sure to use the flax egg option in this recipe.

14. 14. Gingerbread cookies

A healthy gingerbread cookie! No added sugar or oil. Recipe here.

15. 15. No egg, eggnog cupcakes

Made with soy eggnog. Recipe here.

16. 16. Almond and dried cranberry cookie bites

Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside. Recipe here.

17. 17. Pumpkin swirl brownies

Recipe here.

18. 18. Turnip cupcakes

Recipe here.

19. 19. Anise biscotti

No egg replacer needed with this straight forward recipe.

20. 20. Chocolate peanut butter pretzel tartlets

Just 7 ingredients in this easy recipe.

21. 21. Pumpkin gingerbread scones

Recipe here.

22. 22. Savory pumpkin almond twists

Seasoned with an italian herb blend or poultry seasoning (which is actually vegan).

24. 24. Zucchini date brownie bites

Bake these guys at a low temperature for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Bake Recipe here.

25. 25. Chocolate peppermint cookie sandwiches

Chocolate cookies and a yummy peppermint filling. Recipe here.

26. 26. Apple and fig tarte aux pommes

Recipe here.

27. 27. Strawberry banana muffins

Great for breakfast, or topped with coconut whipped cream for dessert. Recipe here.

28. 28. Chocolate peppermint cupcakes

Recipe here.

29. 29. Sugar free pistachio date cookie slices

Dates are naturally sweet so you don’t need any sugar in this recipe.

30. 30. Sweet potato biscuits

Flavored with a hint of nutmeg. Recipe here.

31. 31. Zucchini cupcakes

Recipe here.

32. 32. Egg nog biscuits

Use non dairy eggnog instead of milk to transform basic biscuits into a seasonal treat.

34. 34. Chocolate cherry ice cream sandwiches

Coconut cherry ice cream between chocolate cookies? Yum.

36. 36. Gingerbread biscotti

Made with a combination of sorghum, tapioca, and chickpea flours.

37. 37. Mint chocolate pinwheel cookies

Mint and chocolate. A timeless combination.

38. 38. Chocolate pumpkin pie

Rich and decadent. Recipe here.

39. 39. Nog cheesecake

With an almond, pecan, date crust.

40. 40. Cauliflower broccoli masala pie

Topped with tomatoes.

41. 41. Salted carmel cupcakes

Be sure to follow the gluten free option with this recipe.

42. 42. Apple molasses cookies

A dash of black pepper gives these cookies an extra kick.

44. 44. Grilled peach gingersnap pie

Made with fresh grilled peaches.

45. 45. Strawberry streusel muffins

Recipe here.

46. 46. Gingerbread donuts

With a yummy “buttercream” frosting. Recipe here.

47. 47. Chocolate cupcakes with mint avocado icing

Recipe here.

48. 48. Apple of my eye pie

Delicious when served with non dairy vanilla ice cream. Recipe here.

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