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    49 Vegan & Gluten Free Things To Bake In December

    Thank Britney the month has 31 days. Plenty of time to bake everything on this list...

    1. Beet and pomegranate red velvet cupcakes

    2. Gingersnap cookies

    3. Carrot cake with walnut cream cheese frosting

    4. Coconut sugar cookies

    5. Spiced sweet potato donuts

    6. Super easy banana corn muffins

    7. Chocolate, zucchini, basil, and raspberry cake

    8. Pear and ginger cheesecake

    9. Pumpkin cranberry cornbread

    10. Zucchini basil focaccia

    11. Gingerbread cake (in a jar)

    12. Pumpkin bundt cakes

    13. Cranberry bread

    14. Gingerbread cookies

    15. No egg, eggnog cupcakes

    16. Almond and dried cranberry cookie bites

    17. Pumpkin swirl brownies

    18. Turnip cupcakes

    19. Anise biscotti

    20. Chocolate peanut butter pretzel tartlets

    21. Pumpkin gingerbread scones

    22. Savory pumpkin almond twists

    23. Pear polenta muffins

    24. Zucchini date brownie bites

    25. Chocolate peppermint cookie sandwiches

    26. Apple and fig tarte aux pommes

    27. Strawberry banana muffins

    28. Chocolate peppermint cupcakes

    29. Sugar free pistachio date cookie slices

    30. Sweet potato biscuits

    31. Zucchini cupcakes

    32. Egg nog biscuits

    33. Sunbutter banana scones

    34. Chocolate cherry ice cream sandwiches

    35. Pumpkin cheesecake

    36. Gingerbread biscotti

    37. Mint chocolate pinwheel cookies

    38. Chocolate pumpkin pie

    39. Nog cheesecake

    40. Cauliflower broccoli masala pie

    41. Salted carmel cupcakes

    42. Apple molasses cookies

    43. Nog cookies

    44. Grilled peach gingersnap pie

    45. Strawberry streusel muffins

    46. Gingerbread donuts

    47. Chocolate cupcakes with mint avocado icing

    48. Apple of my eye pie

    49. Rhubarb muffins