31 Yummy Yeast Breads To Bake This Fall

They may need to rise for a few hours, but making any of these breads is a sure fire way to impress friends and family.

Yeast breads can be intimidating, but they’re friggen amazing.

Keep in mind these basic tips:

Temperature is everything!
When starting a yeast dough, your water needs to be between 105 and 115 degrees fahrenheit to activate the yeast. Also, make sure to use room temp ingredients, and always run eggs under warm water before using them in a dough.

Follow recipes closely
Baking is science, and with yeast breads you need to be especially careful about measuring and following instructions.

Use the correct type of yeast
Yes, there is a difference between dry active and rapid rise.

2. Now that you’ve got the basics covered, here are some awesome breads to bake:

3. 1. Fresh soft pretzels that will ruin you for their frozen cousins

The secret to a good soft pretzel is boiling them in baking soda water before baking. Get the recipe and instructions here.

5. 2. Rosemary and olive oil focaccia

A great way to use up any extra rosemary you might have lying around.

6. 3. Gluten free French baguettes

This recipe calls for sorghum, brown rice, and tapioca flours.

7. 4. Teff sandwich bread (also gluten free)

Recipe here.

9. 6. Roasted garlic bread

With a bit of cilantro for decoration! Recipe here.

10. 7. Cheesy pesto pinwheels

Dough recipe here, tips for a perfect pesto here.

11. 8. Homemade bagels

Use this recipe for the dough, then top with whatever you want!

12. 9. Fluffy Hawaiian sweet rolls

The secret to amazing Hawaiian sweet rolls? A can of crushed pineapple.

15. 11. Feeling basic? Make a basic white bread

Basic recipe here.

16. 12. Or half wheat dinner rolls

A healthier alternative to traditional dinner rolls. Recipe here.

17. 13. English muffins

You’ll never order an Egg McMuffin again after trying these.

18. 14. Make your own pizza dough using a bit of garbanzo bean flour

Get the recipe and tips for making pizzas at home here.

19. 15. Coconut banana yeast bread

Recipe here.

20. 16. A sourdough that will sweeten you from a sour mood

Recipe here.

24. 20. Braided onion bread

Like a challah, but flavored with onion soup mix and parmesan.

25. 21. Semolina sourdough with plums and walnuts

Recipe here.

27. 23. Saffron buns

Check out the recipe here.

28. 24. Fried flat breads

They may be flat, but they’re yeasty and delicious!

29. 25. Spinach artichoke breadsticks

Get this delicious recipe here.

30. 26. Pita bread

Pita bread is actually quite easy, and great for beginners!

31. 27. Tomato basil rolls

A delicious Italian flavor in every bite!

32. 28. Focaccia with peppers, olives, and pecorino cheese

Recipe here.

34. 30. Fennel seed wheat bread

Bread infused with anise flavor? Yum!

35. 31. Semolina bread with fennel, currants and pine nuts

Recipe here.

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