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26 Gifts For The Britney Spears Lover In Your Life

With options that fit into anyone's budget!

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5. A Britney Tank

Tanks are sold at the Britney store inside Planet Hollywood, and on the store.

Perfect for boys and girls, straight and gay alike.

13. Quaker Instant Cheese Grits

Although they're the breakfast of champions for souther girls, a box of instant cheese grits on it's own may not be the best of presents...

But make the grits for your friend (along with a fried egg and some seitan sausage) and you've got a Britney themed breakfast-in-bed.

20. A Groupon for a Classes at a Local Bikram Studio

Bikram yoga is a sweaty hot mess, IMO. But it's an incredible workout, and studios are always offering group deals.

23. Professional Britney Spears Dance Classes

Call the number above if you're in the Bay Area, or hit up Google to find classes near you.

26. Tickets to the Piece of Me show in Vegas

If you can afford to tickets and a trip to Vegas, then take the Britney lover in your life to Vegas to see their idol live.

Even if you yourself aren't a Britney fan, I guarantee you'll enjoy the show.

BONUS: General Admission at the Britney Show

Give your friend the gift of time, and wait with them for hours outside the theater in order to get up against the catwalk. Trust me, the view is incredible!

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