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    25 Deliciously Healthy Cupcake Recipes

    Indulge without feeling guilty.

    1. Double chocolate date cupcakes with sweet potato caramel

    2. Plantain cupcakes with chocolate flax ganache

    3. Raw carrot orange cupcakes with lemon icing

    4. Coconut lime cupcakes with avocado frosting

    5. Pomegranate beet "red velvet" cupcakes with cashew macadamia icing

    6. Raw carrot cupcakes with cashew vanilla frosting

    7. Chocolate hazelnut zucchini cupcakes with vegan palm chocolate frosting

    8. Vanilla apple sauce cupcakes with raspberry coconut icing

    9. Lemon coconut zucchini cupcakes with coconut cream frosting

    10. Banana cupcakes with cinnamon honey butter cream

    11. Chocolate spelt cupcakes with avocado chocolate frosting

    12. Carrot raisin cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting and walnuts

    13. Maple beet and chocolate cupcakes with vegan buttercream

    14. Azuki-filled mochi cupcakes with green tea frosting

    15. Spinach kale chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate icing

    16. Cinnamon flax seed cupcakes with cinnamon coffee icing

    17. Banana date cupcakes topped with date ganache

    18. Vanilla agave cupcakes with chocolate mesquite frosting

    19. Chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with with avocado banana frosting

    20. Banana cupcakes with whipped white chocolate sesame frosting

    21. Raw mulberry cupcakes with blueberry frosting

    22. Cinnamon glazed pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes

    23. Chocolate buckwheat cupcakes with avocado mint icing

    24. Kale and beet chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla butter cream

    25. Carrot zucchini cupcakes with lime frosting