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    22 Transformative Plantain Recipes

    Gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, made from plantains? Oh hell yea.

    In case you haven't heard, plantains are awesome. Especially if you or anyone you know has a gluten allergy.

    They kinda look like bananas, but are much starchier and lower in sugar. Plantains also have more vitamin A and vitamin C than bananas.

    Check out these 22 gluten free recipes that transform plantains into amazing dishes. It's like a gluten free episode of Chopped up in here...

    1. Plantain donuts with rice frosting

    2. Cinnamon plantain pancakes with maple syrup and baked apple slices

    3. Gingerbread plantain waffles

    4. Baked duck fat plantain fries

    5. Chocolate plantain cupcakes with a chocolate ganache frosting

    6. Chocolate chip cherry plantain bread

    7. Vegan plantain flatbread sandwiches

    8. Plantain ice cream truffles

    9. Paleo plantain brownies

    10. Maple plantain cake with caramel sauce

    11. Sweet plantain drop biscuits

    12. Pumpkin plantain spice cookies

    13. Fig plantain bread pudding

    14. Plantain crust pizza

    15. Carrot spice plantain muffins

    16. Plantain tortilla chips

    17. Sweet plantain bread with cinnamon and raisins

    18. Skillet plantain chocolate chip cookie

    19. Vanilla plantain blondies

    20. Plantain tortillas

    21. Skillet plantain brownies with salted caramel sauce

    22. Pumpkin plantain bread

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