20 Awesome DIY Condiment Recipes

Doesn’t everyone make their own mayonnaise? No? Well, you should.

1. Basic homemade mayonnaise

It’s crazy easy to make mayonnaise, just eggs, oil, vinegar and seasoning. Recipe here.

2. Roasted tomato taco sauce

Tomatoes, peppers, and chives seasoned with garlic, cumin, and chili powder. Recipe here.

3. Easy ketchup

A little tomato paste, vinegar, brown sugar, and seasonings is all you need! Recipe here.

4. Raw indian spiced mustard

Soak yellow mustard seeds in water for a few days, then blend them with spices and a few other ingredients. Recipe here.

5. Crunchy pickle relish

Make sure you start with libby cucumbers. Recipe here.

6. Habanero hot sauce

Bring on the heat. Recipe here.

7. Vegan grape seed mayonnaise

Made from flax seeds, almond milk, vinegar, and grape seed oil. Recipe here.

8. Olive tapenade

Ready in less than five minutes. Recipe here.

9. Dairy free ranch dressing

Made from a soaked cashew base. Recipe here.

10. Raw chocolate hazelnut spread

Go for the raw version, or toast your hazelnuts for extra flavor. Recipe here.

11. Sun dried tomato ketchup

A bold twist on the traditional ketchup flavor profile. Recipe here.

12. Teriyaki sauce

Use is as a sauce and marinade. Recipe here.

13. Vegan thousand island dressing

Made from soaked cashews and sun dried tomatoes. Recipe here.

14. Tartar sauce

If you want to keep it totally homemade then start by whipping up some mayonnaise to use as a base. Recipe here.

15. Pimento cheese spread

Just sharp cheddar, pimentos, greek yogurt, and mayonnaise. Recipe here.

16. Chipotle ranch

Spice up your next salad with a chipotle ranch. Recipe here.

17. Red pepper, shallot, and coffee BBQ sauce

With a jalapeno for some heat, plus coffee, cumin, white pepper, and liquid smoke for am amazing and deep flavor. Recipe here.

18. Leek confit

Crazy good on toasted baguette, and surprisingly easy to make. Recipe here.

19. Sour cream substitute

Great for times when you’re in a pinch and can’t make it to the store. Just combine heavy cream, lemon juice, and salt. Recipe here.

20. Homemade steak sauce

You can call it a “steak sauce,” but this sauce pretty much goes with everything. Recipe here.

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