17 Reasons Kris Jenner Should Be Veep In 2016

Think Selina Meyer’s a mess? Wait till your see Vice President Kris Jenner.

Imagine what a shock it would be if Hillary announced Kris as her running mate at the DNC convention.

Hear me out…

1. Kris is a natural leader in times of emergency.

2. She’s an animal lover.

Work those SPCA fundraisers.

3. She supports medical marijuana.


Nothing says classy like taking your Chanel backpack bong shopping.

4. And LGBT rights.

“I think it’s about love. That’s what I believe.”

5. Though she married a Republican, Kris considers herself more liberal and is a fan of Obama.

E! / Via rebloggy.com

“I do like Obama. Bruce loves Fox News. We’re politically opposites. He’s very Republican, but I am more liberal.”

6. Some might even call her a feminist.

Kris Jenner dressed as Rosie the Riveter for a light bladder leakage awareness ad is all I need right now

— Melissa Fabrizio (@Mel_Fabrizio)

Heck, some people legitimately consider Kim a feminist role model.

7. She’s the kinda gal you’d apparently want to have around if there was a natural emergency.

E! / Via gifwave.com

8. She’s a sexy, vibrant woman who isn’t afraid to take risks for art.

9. But still looks to Jesus to keep her grounded.

Gotta appeal to the Christian vote!

10. Though thankfully she also recognized other deities.

11. She’d support free Wi-Fi nationwide. No exceptions.

12. She knows how to curb spending.


13. While always finding ways to increase revenue.

14. She’s already prepping Kim for a career in politics.

“Actually, Kim would be amazing at holding office, because she’s so smart and she’s got the kind of personality that she can handle something like that.”

15. She’s relatable to voters.

E! / Via gifwave.com

16. But never afraid to speak her mind.

E! / Via giphy.com

17. And she’d be great at negotiating with international leaders.

Don’t judge, you know you support it! #JennerVeep2016

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