12 Easy Ways To Make Eggnog

Store bought eggnog doesn’t even compare.

Impress your friends and family by making your own eggnog this year.

Here’s a few recipes, ranging from easy to complicated, raw vegan to goat’s milk, and everything in between…

2. 1. Easy one minute eggnog

Combine milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla in a measuring cup. Mix with an immersion blender. Recipe here.

3. 2. Alton Brown’s classic eggnog

Separate your eggs, and fold whipped whites into your eggnog for a thick and creamy treat. Recipe and video here.

4. 3. Goat’s milk eggnog

Made with regular goat’s milk, heavy cream, fresh eggs, agave, and sugar. Flavored with brandy, cognac, vanilla, and nutmeg. Recipe here.

5. 4. Vegan pecan milk eggnog

Made from pecans, coconut milk, dates, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Recipe here.

6. 5. Vegan peppermint eggnog

This vegan eggnog recipe calls for half an avocado and a banana. Make the peppermint version by adding a bit of peppermint extract.

7. 6. Spiced pumpkin eggnog

Take basic eggnog to the next level by adding pumpkin puree. Recipe here.

8. 7. Dairy-free coconut eggnog

Use coconut sugar for a refined sugar free nog. Recipe here.

9. 8. Gingerbread spiced eggless eggnog

Made with condensed milk, whipped cream, molasses, and gingerbread spices. Recipe here.

10. 9. Bourbon chocolate eggnog

Recipe here.

11. 10. Caramel eggnog

A delectable eggnog with flavors of rich caramel, vanilla and spice. Recipe here.

12. 11. Orange citrus spiced eggnog

Recipe here.

13. 12. Eggnog latte

Make your own eggnog latte using one of the basic nog recipes from this list. Add espresso, sugar, milk, and a bit of nutmeg. Recipe here.

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