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8 Things People Just Don't Get About Asexuals

Coming from an asexual, these are 8 things you need to know about us!

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It's obvious that sex sells. It doesn't matter what industry or business; be it music, movies, games, books, television, anything, anywhere, anytime. In fact, if I didn't keep using the word "sex" in the introductory paragraph you'd probably lose interest by about the third character. Believe it or not though there are people out there who have no interest in sex whatsoever. I'm one of them... and feel like there are 8 things you need to know.

1) All Asexuals have been sexually abused at some point in there lives

WRONG!!! I can tell you from own personal childhood I was never abused at any point... ever. Not even once.

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2) All Asexuals are women.

What?! This one really grinds my gears. No I'm not a women, no not all asexuals are women!

3) You are asexual so you must be a closet homosexual.

Are you kidding me?! Especially in todays day and age...

4) If you are asexual that must mean you hate people and want to be alone the rest of your life.

This one's an important one because asexuality does NOT EQUAL aromantic. and to clarify aromantic DOES NOT EQUAL hating people or being some psycho

5) So if you are asexual how do you have sex with someone?

There are just no words... I mean I think this one is self explanatory, but really COME ON PEOPLE!

6) Don't worry it's just a phase, you'll get over it

Well ask that to the 46 year old asexual that recently got married to another 50 year old asexuals... that must be a VERY long phase

7) Did you get your hormones checked? It's gotta be your hormones!

Ok you know, this one's valid... but just to prove it I did get them checked and they are normal.

8) So you like reproduce on your own like some cell?

I'm not kidding, this was asked to me with all seriousness...

So there have it. The 8 incredibly frustrating questions and statements us asexuals have to deal with on a frequent basis. If you are interested in learning more about asexuality feel free to follow me on twitter at

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