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Hey Girl... The 1890s Were Chock Full Of Hotties

I know the 1920s are all the rage right now with Gatsby-ganza going on. But let's not forget the hotties of the 1890s.

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So, with movies like The Great Gatsby and shows like Downton Abbey, the 1920s are really "in" right now...

Which is totally cool. I get it. But the 1890s need some love too. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some Gosling and early Chris O'Donnell level pieces of eye candy:

Just two scholars... scholaring about...

Just two scholars... scholaring about...

Hey Girl... Just because my blazer buttons has four buttons, doesn't mean I have to use them

We play symphonies on heart strings...

Ooh Girl... How you get in them petticoats?

Swag runs in this family.

1890s fashion advice? A.B.R.F.O. - Always Be Ready For the Opera


The vinyl record was invented in 1888... These guys perfected the album cover soon after

Contestants for the Bachelorette circa 1895

He could keep you warm on a cold night on the heath...

In Conclusion:

The 1890s Had Style... Mad Style.

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