10 Conductors Caught Using Magic

What, you think perfectly orchestrated symphonies happen because of practice?

1. Imperio!

Christoph Eschenbach takes complete control of his piccolos

2. Accio!

This conductor seems to have forgot his pack of wint-o-green life savers

3. Sectumsempra!

Now, if this conductor had known what this spell did, she wouldn’t have ruined her string section’s instruments…

4. Wingardium Leviosa!

Swish … and flick!

5. Alohamora!

This conductor unlocks the hidden power of a timpani solo.

6. Stupefy!

This conductor takes aim at a rival

7. Lumos!

This man, having trouble reading his his music, grabs himself a little more light.

8. Crucio!

This conductor is a substitute teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts

9. Aguamenti!

This conductor plans a Flashdance-esque finale by spouting water from her baton

10. Expecto….

Gustavo Dudamel prepares…


Gustavo Dudamel finishes.

His patronus is Tchaikovsky wearing cat ears.

Well done Gustavo… Well Done.

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