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  • 10 Things Sir Patrick Stewart Knows

    With all his hard telepathy work on the X-Men films, Sir Pat Stew has got pretty good at knowing a lot over the years. But have you ever thought what it would be like if Patrick Stewart knew your every, embarrassing move? To late, he already knows.

  • 12 Reasons We’d Pick Bum Over Boobs

    CALLING ALL HUMAN BODY FANS. For years we have scratched our heads over the age old question, boobs or bum? Prefer Kim K to Katie Price but have never understood why? We take a ‘scientific’ look at why you lot love a bit of junk in the trunk. Ladies and gentlemen, your derrière.

  • If Michael Bay Did The Birds & The Bees

    Just WHAT IF Michael Bay made a movie about The Birds & The Bees? It’s a question that humanity needs answered! Luckily, Sneaky Zebra have stepped in and created an action packed trailer that shows exactly what would happen - featuring an all star cast including: Cosplayer, voiceover artist and model Kelly Jean (254k likes on Facebook, worked for a number of triple A game devs) Actor Jon Campling (Appearing as a death eater in Harry Potter alongside a bunch of other awesome roles both on film, music videos and online) Joe Mitchell (Timelord, airsofter & Brony) Bumblebee (Transformer) Perkins & Vicky Avalon doing voiceover, from the award winning YouTube series Good CopsTV. But there’s more: Explosions! Drone copters! Potentially life threatening stunts! Dialogue so hammy you could make a sandwich out of it. What more could you want?

  • Titanfall Detective X!

    Titanfall Goes Cakeboss, Wolverine Gets An Extreme Makeover, There’s A Bubble Bath Killer In True Detective & S**t Gets Real In Green Is The New Black.

  • Remember That Game You Loved? Now It’s On Mobile – And We’ve Ruined It Forever!

    Freemium is a new clip from internet legend Mr Weebl that takes aim at the worst excesses of free to play games - intentionally broken mechanics and gameplay so slow you’ll need a time machine to have any fun - or a mere $100 for a box of evil gems of course… Don’t get us wrong, F2P can be awesome when it’s done right (you’re reading a post from a long time Clash of Clans fan right now). But when it’s done wrong (like the nightmarish Dungeon Keeper mobile) the only thing you’re guaranteed is pain, suffering and a potential fatwa from the Internet masses.

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