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The 10 Stages Of Eating Ice-Cream

You’ve just bought a big tub of your favourite flavour. Think you can just get on with your day now? Ha! Think again...

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1. You tell yourself that you're only going to eat your ice-cream as a treat, like after you've read that book you've been struggling to finish

2. You try to get on with your daily routine but somehow your mind always turns to the delicious diary dessert

3. No matter how many healthy snacks you eat, nothing can match up to the feeling that cold gelato gives you

4. You find yourself fantasizing about experimenting with it in new ways

5. It seems like everywhere you look people are enjoying some without you

6. Your mind starts to wander and the ice-cream daydreams take over

7. You try to distract yourself but it's all you can think about

8. You finally give in by convincing yourself you'll just have a few bites

9. Heck, a few spoonfuls won't hurt...

10. Opps! You've eaten the entire carton 20 minutes after you bought it. Still, at least you beat last weeks record...

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