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10 Reasons We Love Nandos

What's NOT to love we ask you?!!

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1. Peri-peri chicken - a dish so good they named it twice

2. The delicious side orders - corn on the cob, chips, spicy rice, coleslaw *salivates*

3. Choosing just how eye-wateringly hot you'd like your meal (lemon and herb is for wimps)

4. The hummus, nuts and olives you can tuck into as you wait for your food to cook

5. Chowing down on the most delicious meal known to man

6. The yummy desserts...drool

7. The adverts that make you chuckle

8. Knowing your in good company as all these Nandos-lovin' celebs can't be wrong

9. The fact that you'll never have to go far for your next quarter chicken fix

10. One day hoping to be the proud owner of the legendary Black Card and with Nando's for life...*sigh*

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