Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2013 On YouTube You Must Check Out

Each year YouTube gets more and more creative and talented makeup artists sharing their skills but there are only a few that really stand out in the massive crowd with their creative and talented Halloween skills. From original makeup looks to unbelieveable intros for their Halloween makeup looks. Make sure to check out these outstanding makeup artist that you should be subscribed to or you will be missing out on some major entertainment. Now in no particular order, let me begin

1. “Samara” - The Ring

youtube.com / Via audfaced

audfaced, film student and freelance makeup artist, is one of the most creative channels on youtube, forget everything you saw when you watch this you will see what true talent can do.

2. Breaking Bad Heisenberg Makeup

youtube.com / Via SmashinBeauty

SmashinBeauty another professional makeup artist that comes up with the most creative Halloween looks. She makes these fun intros before her Halloween tutorials.

3. The Conjuring Annabelle The Doll Makeup

youtube.com / Via SmashinBeauty

Another Video from SmashinBeauty from the recent movie The Conjuring

4. Evil Teddy Bear

youtube.com / Via BeautyByBrig

Turn into an EVIL teddy bear! On the rise and extremely talented professional makeup artist BeautyByBrig. Make sure to check out her vast number of amazing special effects makeup looks that will blow you away!

5. Bloody eye Makeup

youtube.com / Via Heidi Larsen MUA

Heidi Larsen MUA, Norwegian professional makeup artist, shows you how to create this creepy Bloody eye

6. Pencil Stuck in Head

youtube.com / Via fumsmusings

Professional makeup artist, fumsmusings, show you how to get this awesome Pencil Stuck in Head look. She has many simple and easy to follow special effects tutorials that will for sure come in handy for Halloween.

7. Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas

youtube.com / Via Pinkstylist

Pinkstylist is another professional makeup artist that loves recreating his favorite scary characters. Pinkstylist is extremely talented and has amazing Halloween tutorials.

8. The Joker (Jack Nicholson Version) Makeup/Body Paint Tutorial

youtube.com / Via MadeYewLook

MadeYewLook is a another professional makeup artist that loved face painting. Her makeup and face painting skills are amazing but yet very simple to recreate!

9. Rotting/Bleeding Corpse Makeup Tutorial

youtube.com / Via Melissa Bernard

Melissa Bernard is a professional makeup artist that focuses on face painting on her channel. She doesn’t upload a lot but when she does it’s awesome

10. Zombie Clown Makeup Tutorial

youtube.com / Via LetzMakeup

LetzMakeup is an amazing professional makeup artist that just recently created this very scary Zombie Clown worth the mention.

11. The Catrin Mens Dia de los muertos

youtube.com / Via venusocean

venusocean, professional makeup artist, created one of the most unique day of the dead face paint tutorials that anyone can wear!

12. Graphic monochromatic make-up tutorial

youtube.com / Via Kristianathe

If you want to have a truly unique Halloween look this year, check out Kristianathe’s, professional makeup artist, Graphic monochromatic black and white make-up tutorial

13. Marie Antoinette Doll Makeup

youtube.com / Via Charisma Star

Charisma Star, makeup artist, is worth the mention her Halloween tutorials are amazing!

14. Pirate Makeup: Davy Jones

youtube.com / Via goldiestarling

Are you a fan of Pirate of the Caribbeans? goldiestarling, professional makeup artist, shows you how to recreated Davy Jones

15. Harley Quinn Makeup

youtube.com / Via dope2111

dope2111, makeup artist, recreted this very simple yet sexy Harley Quinn Makeup

16. Lord Voldemort Makeup

youtube.com / Via KlairedelysArt

Artist KlairedelysArt shows you how to recreate Harry Potter’s one and only Lord Voldemort

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