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The Seven Worst Thanksgiving Foods

We can't be thankful for these!

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1. Anything with Jell-O in it / Via Tablespoon

Savory or sweet, Jell-O is hospital food, not holiday food. Say it after me: JELL-NO. Jell-O for dessert either says 'I'm hopelessly 1950s or too cheap to buy pie.'

5. Turkey breast / Via Betty Crocker

The truest sign of a food philistine is someone who cannot appreciate dark meat. People who serve only white meat might as well be serving Swanson turkey TV dinner. Oh yeah, and extra Thanksgiving demerits for burying the turkey underneath a boatload of gravy. If you can't taste the meat, it isn't Thanksgiving!

6. Anything Christmas-related or flavored (peppermint, eggnog, and so forth) / Via Epcurious

Everything has a time and a place. What are you, four years old and can't wait for Santa? I hate to break it to you, but the pilgrims and the Indians did not eat candy canes on the first Thanksgiving...

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