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Dog Owners Are Healthier Than Those Who Are Not – How True?

Amazing to know that dog owners have better health compared to people without dogs – a new research conducted in Universities in Michigan says.

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Dr. Sophia Yin

Amazing to know that dog owners have better health compared to people without dogs – a new research conducted in Universities in Michigan says. The research shows that dog owners can always do activities that would improve their health regularly. Walking with your dogs early in the morning for 30 minutes is a great fun and doing it every day can meet the required level of activity a person must have in a week.

Petting and spending time with your puppies, poodle, beagle or Chihuahua can increase “feel-good” hormones levels thus reducing stress and help improve concentration and memory. Dog owners were even amazed about miracle stories are seen from movies like dogs talking on the phone, dogs’ playing card games and lot more. Aside from the good feeling we felt when we find our dogs so cute and adorable every time you brush their furs and play with them after coming from work or school, dogs can also provide good health benefits whom who would have thought are amazing.Improves Your physical health

Dogs are absolutely the great exercise motivators. Coming to gym everyday is tiresome, and sometimes you feel like doing it the next day instead. Having a dog is more exciting, since you can get off the couch and does walking, running or playing Frisbee toss with your pet. There is fun and at the same time a good exercise to improve your respiratory system. No wonder dog owners are heart-healthier.Dog Owners have good social relationships

Dog shows and dog exhibitions are trending these days, and as a dog owner, you will surely love socializing with other people of the same interests. Walking everyday with your dogs bring you into a community, where you can talk with your neighbors while passing by and can find friends in dog parks. Research shows that petting and walking with your dogs improve social isolation and shyness and give dog owners an edge to social interactions.Having a dog can always improve your mood

These days newest therapy is known as the “dog therapy” has taken off in different hospices round the globe. Dog owners who love to care their dogs have less stress, anxiety, and depression. Usually, dog owners find special happiness playing with their dogs making their moods lively and pleasant. Due to these feelings, brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine are increased.Dogs can keep you away from chronic disease

According to the Cindy Lention, an exercise scientist – dog owners who walk daily with their dogs have a one-third risk of chronic diseases compared to people without dogs. This highlights the significance of physical activity levels in balance and lowers stress levels as good factors in preventing chronic diseases rather than sticking to routine activities and common diets.

See how amazing the health benefits most dog owners get from simply caring, petting and playing with their dogs? Maybe now you’re thinking and most likely having one is a good idea. Next time you’re walking alone, preoccupied with the astonishing health facts of having a dog and seemly not yet convinced

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