Why Every College Student Hates Going Home For The Summer

Reasons why you don’t want to go home.

Parents be like we miss you so much! When are you coming home??

Your just like in a couple weeks or so…

3. Que the over-dramatic parent…

But I just cant wait any longer!

4. Then you start to feel guilty.


5. Our baby is coming home!

6. You get home and they have a gourmet dinner waiting for you.

7. Your just like finally some real food!

8. And we made you dessert too!!

Suddenly coming home isnt so bad…

9. Until the next morning…

10. But its only 10 AM I just cant right now!

11. Then your parents complain that your sleeping your day away.

12. You reluctantly get up just to go lay on the couch

13. Your parents soon complain your lazy and offer up some chores to do around the house.

14. Suddenly things escalate rather quickly.

16. You call up your friends for support…

Except no one answers cause they are off having an awesome summer at the beach and studying abroad somewhere.

17. You realize you are alone with no friends.

18. Your parents tell you to get a job.

19. Your parents are like…what else are you gonna do then?

21. Your just like…

22. So for the rest of the summer you waste away doing nothing at all really.

23. While everyone you know is having the best summer ever.

24. Finally classes are about to start back and your so excited to do something other than sitting on the couch all day.

25. When you finally see your friends after a long boring summer.

26. Your life is once again back to normal.

27. Until you actually have to go to class…

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