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    I Found 14 Of The Weirdest eBay Listings Ever, And Honestly, I'm Concerned

    If you're the person who bought a McNugget for $99,997, I just want to know why.

    1. New Zealand

    A map view of the nation of New Zealand

    2. Iceland

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    3. Cereal That Sort of Resembled E.T.

    A bowl of Nutri-Grain

    4. A Man's Middle Name

    A blank "Hello, my name is..." tag on a man's shirt

    5. The Power of Friendship

    Three men enjoy beers together

    6. A Holy Grilled Cheese

    Diana Duyser poses with the grilled cheese

    7. A Man's Life

    8. Justin Timberlake's Breakfast

    Justin Timberlake and some french toast

    9. Twigs

    A bunch of twigs

    10. A New Species

    The new sea urchin, with its unusually bright colors

    11. An Among Us McNugget

    The eBay listening for the McNugget

    12. Possibly The Only Baby T-Rex Fossil

    The Baby t-rex fossil

    13. A Songwriting Credit on a Prince Song

    Prince during a purple rain performance

    14. Elvis's Leftover Water

    Elvis Presley, along with a cup of water