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    • marybethp4

      I own a small business that does very high valentines day volume myself and I can’t help but feel for the customer service reps that are dealing with all of these people. It was not their fault, they are just doing their jobs. I notice a trend in these posts in that the damaged pictures all seem to be of the same type of flowers. The “sale” flowers, the ones that are shipped in boxes are the ones that are being posted here. Last week 3 UPS hubs were shut down due to weather issues, that’s probably why all of these frostbitten pictures happened in areas where “it wasn’t snowing.” Yes, people should buy local (Please buy local) but if you don’t, and you purchase the least expensive arrangements, pay attention to that and realize you aren’t going to get the gigantic display you see online or on tv. $29 flowers are always going to be crap. The comments that sadden me the ost are the ones that claim that this ruined their day. If your marriage is destroyed by a broken vase, perchance there’s more going on than you realize.

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