30 GIFs Of Michelle Tanner That Are Your Life

If the littlest Tanner is your spirit animal, you are part of a rare and great breed.

1. She, too, doesn’t appreciate phone calls.

ABC / Via rebloggy.com

It’s the 21st century. I can’t comprehend why a text doesn’t suffice.

2. And gets the pressures of having to be camera ready at all times.

#wokeuplikethis :(

3. You both find it hard communicating with fools.

ABC / Via yourtango.com

I’d agree with you…but then we’d both be wrong, now wouldn’t we?

4. But you do try reason with them.

5. When Chipotle employees undermine your loyalty to the chain.

ABC / Via blogs.kqed.org


6. When you’re having one of those nights.

A proxy night out, a PNO if you will…Never fun when you’re roped into going out to make a point. Netflix trumps every PNO ever.

7. And when you do get out, that dreaded moment when you have to get out your ID.

ABC / Via giphy.com

8. When you play the agony aunt.

ABC / Via okmagazine.com

9. The effortless transition between agony aunt and cheerleader.

ABC / Via gifboom.com

10. You can be socially awkward…

ABC / Via weheartit.com

It’s unfortunate but this is very likely to be your ‘come hither’ look.

11. Your sense of humor is polished.

Hence, you are able to identify the funny from the insipid. Don’t be offended.

12. Temperamental is an understatement.

ABC / Via giphy.com

13. Punctuality isn’t a strong suit.

ABC / Via giphy.com

Where’s the line between late and fashionably late?!

14. Drama gives you unnecessary anxiety.

ABC / Via giphy.com

15. But, like her, you’re probably pretty theatrical.

ABC / Via rebloggy.com

I don’t care what you say, a broken toenail merits tears.

16. Like Michelle, you’re very often misunderstood.

ABC / Via wifflegif.com

17. But you’re not all bad!

ABC / Via weheartit.com

18. You’re far less clever than you let on.

ABC / Via giphy.com

And you very often lose the plot.

19. Principles matter to you.

ABC / Via gifwave.com

The Michelle Tanners of the world get that being able to do this is one of the most overlooked characteristics of all time. It’s simple to us. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

20. You’re passionate about gastronomy.

ABC / Via giphy.com

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that ice cream is both a source of energy and provides vitamins A, C, D, and E. That is all.

21. You know that honesty is the best policy.

ABC / Via giphy.com

You’re also entirely realistic.

22. You’re always up for an impromptu dance party.

ABC / Via giphy.com

You tend to be very America’s Best Dance Crew.

23. Setting trends comes naturally to you.

Get your leather on!!

24. Your moral compass is strong.

ABC / Via yourtango.com

25. You feel more than you let on.

ABC / Via rebloggy.com

Goodbyes are the absolute worst.

26. Give us credit, we show it sometimes.

ABC / Via wifflegif.com

27. You care more than you should, really!

ABC / Via giphy.com

28. You live by a motto.


29. You’re lucky we’d protect you with every fibre of our beings!

ABC / Via rebloggy.com

30. Yep. We’ve got your back.

ABC / Via gifrific.com

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