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16 Super Important Lessons That Fatima Has Taught Us All

To celebrate the world's most gorgeous gorilla turning sweet sixteen, wouldn't it be awesome to recap all the wonderful things she's taught us so far? :)

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1. It's okay, and rather necessary, to let your dramatic side shine every now and then.

Oscar-worthy, really.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world! I hope that you come to realize how special you are to your friends and family and how much sunshine you bring to our lives everyday with the funny, kind, and stupid things that you do.

You've grown up almost too fast for my liking, but I must say that it's been an absolute pleasure to watch you blossom from that little devil who would throw the biggest tantrums when her foods would touch to this slightly bigger devil that would sooner choke me than let me borrow your clothes :P

Inshallah you'll stay as warm and lovely as always, and for each of you huuuuundreds of birthdays to come I wish you a year of strength, health, and laughs in abundance :)

Enough with the Hallmark talk. Go enjoy the rest of your day!

Hugs and kisses and smothers galore.

Yours most annoyingly,

Appi :)

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