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15 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Everyone has those days, so check these out for your viewing pleasure! Have the happiest day ahead :)

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1. @peejet

He’s failed so hard at Photoshop that he’s basically won it. This guy’s account features beyond ridiculous snaps of him helping out Drake at the gym, being in Kim's delivery room, and so on. There’re no words to fully describe this absurdity, I beg of you to take a look for yourself.

2. @betches

If you’re looking to indulge in the bitchiest of bitchy laughs, look no further. This is ‘Betches Love This’s official Instagram account, and as the name would suggest, its absolutely teeming was the sassiest posts to sharpen up your day. It’s got to be that one account you’ll love to hate.

3. @tipsforjesus

An Instagram account that posts huuuge tips customers leave for their servers, will definitely reaffirm some faith in humanity. Even the hardest soul will be forced to crack a smile checking this out.

4. @cookingforbae

Turning the whole instafood movement around, Cooking For Bae posts some of the least appealing meals seen on instagram. Not for the faint-hearted, definitely for those that revel in the misfortune of others.

5. @idafrosk

Another instagrammer, Ida Frosk pays homage to instagraming food in the coolest of cool ways- through food art. She makes the cutest meals that’ll force you to let out an involuntary ‘aww’. The simplicity and sheer adorableness on those plates will momentarily make you feel fuzzy inside.

6. @camera_duels

One of those accounts to pass the time, Camera Duels is run by Cole Sprouse (aka Cody Martin) who takes photos of people trying to take photos of him. His Instagram description reads ‘May the fastest camera win’. The photos are alright, but what gets me every time are their captions. The guy literally narrates the whole incident, in the cheekiest way ever.

7. @gdax

See the beauty of the world through a monk’s eyes. This account transports you to a different place altogether and immerses you in the tranquility of Tibet. It’s refreshing to say the very least.

8. @waltdisneyworld

Photos from the happiest place in the world!

10. @itssteviewonder

If you’re about to doze off mid-day, this is the account for you. I warn you this is a one-shock stop that will jolt you up, and hence to save shock value, not putting up one of his posts here. However, I guarantee you you’ll be left pondering whether its okay to let out a laugh or not (I believe one, single, staccato laugh is acceptable).

11. @grandmabetty33

Fighting cancer till her end, Grandma Betty is probably one of the most inspirational people on Instagram. The 80-year old doll had a page dedicated to showcasing her undying spirit even when the odds were against her. She will warm your heart, have you feeling a few of those feels, and always provide a little boost to your day. Few can be as brave and optimistic as this little lady was- R.I.P Grandma Betty <3

12. @scarletandviolet

Here you have London florists, Scarlet and Violet, posting some of the most beautiful flowers that you will ever see. This account is guaranteed to brighten any day!

13. @brahmino

This photographer is one I picked out especially for this list, simply because the nature of his work is so unique. Imaginative photography is what I’d call it. Not really sure if that’s already a thing, but I’m sure you get my drift. You will ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at these, I’m not going to lie to you.

14. @brightbazaar

Run by interior decorator and blogger, Will Taylor, this account features some really cool in-house design ideas as well as some for an outside space. It’ll have your creative juices flowing as you contemplate how to incorporate elements of his vibrant style to your own home.

15. @girlwithnojob

Posting outrageous photos on the regular, Girl With No Job can keep you occupied for a while as you scroll through 661 posts. I’m not factoring in time you’ll spend tagging friends, because I guarantee you will. A great way to kill time.

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