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The Coolest Gifts For Every Member Of Your Family

Why are they so hard to shop for? Here are some solutions for your holiday to do list.

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is gifts!

But it can also be one of the most stressful parts because for some reason December turns all the people you hold dear into complete strangers you suddenly know nothing about.

Like, you've literally known your parents since the moment you were conceived and yet you have NO idea what to get them for Christmas. And what do teenagers even want now?

Here is a list of some delightful gifts to go above and beyond the call of duty and satisfy all the people who will be gathered around your Christmas tree this year.

For the Grandparents


This might require some extra time on your part, but getting your grandparents gift cards for books on Audible can be a great idea and once you show them how it works, they'll never get bored with it!

Bonus buy: Get them a speaker system that will play via bluetooth so they can listen easily in the house.

For Your Teenage Brother or Sister and All Their Annoying Friends


Another gift that keeps on giving, get your siblings out of the living room and into the backyard where they belong! Just kidding. But this smartphone projector is only around $33 and allows them to take those phones off of their faces and into a box that will play their videos anywhere.

Bonus buy: Add a tub of popcorn and movie candy and make it a gift basket they will think is lame but secretly love. (God, could you be ANY more embarrassing!?)

For Your Teenage Brother That Hates Everything


Chances are your brother is sulking in the corner on his XBOX or whatever, but he just doesn't know that he needs this in his life. If you're poor like the rest of us, you'll want to go in on this gift with mom and dad but it will be SO WORTH IT.

The iLumi lightbulb is a light you can control from your phone. It can change brightness, color, even dance to the beat of the music you're playin. THE FUTURE.

You can get one on Amazon for about $70 and then watch as your brother acts not impressed by science and then spends hours using it in his room.

For Your Instagraming Teenage Sister


Since teenagers don't like anything, what's even the point am I right? But if you'd like to try to be a hero...try a fashion subscription service gift like Stitch Fix. This is definitely a gift you're going to want to go in on with your parents because it's an ongoing cost but would be an amazing group effort.

Basically you pay a basic fee each month, and then if you like the clothes they send you, you can either buy them or send them back.

Even though the items can be pretty pricey, it'll give your sister reason to go out and make money and will hopefully cut down on the trips to the mall for your parents.

For the Chef Mom or Dad


For the 'rents that love to cook, check out ways to let them get creative in the kitchen. Well, at least adventurous enough to make them excited but not so much they ruin that free meal you came home for.

Making olive oils can be a really neat way to change meals in a big way, and this oil infuser lets them try out various combinations of fresh herbs in a nice and easy way.

They run about $30 at stores like Khols.

Bonus buy: Hit up a gardening store for one of those "grow your own" herb kits.

For the Fashion Mom


This might seem super obvious, but for the mom that loves to stay in style...treat her to a blowout. Blowout bars are on the rise and chances are they're probably offering some pretty sweet deals this Christmas. Get her a gift card and help her look fabulous and full of confidence on her next night out.

Bonus buy: Add on a cut or color to the gift card.

For the "Wine" About it Mom


Ok, you're going to laugh at this one but really, this is one of the best gifts I've ever received. Electric wine openers cut the foil off, and remove the cork so easily it's like pure magic. You can get one on Amazon for like $20.

Bonus buy: Pair it with a bottle of wine and some cute classes for a neat basket.

BIG bonus buy: If you and your whole family are looking for mom's "big" gift, think about getting a gift subscription to a Wine of the Month club. You can get a whole year for around $400, or do a shorter term subscription. It's a fun surprise she'll get each month, and it'll make her feel SUPER fancy. Downside is you'll have to listen to her talk like she now knows EVERYTHING about wine.

For the Sentimental Mom


If your mom still has your Thanksgiving turkey finger paint from Kindergarten, a locket is the perfect thoughtful gift for her.

You can pretty much any style and put quotes, pictures or special dates in them and they're for the most part pretty affordable.

Etsy has an awesome selection of vintage and unique ones.

Bonus buy: You can also get lockets with initial charms for all your siblings if you don't want to claim all the spotlight.

For the Family Man Dad

MegandMosClubhouse / Via

If your dad is all about the family, getting his favorite family photo made into something is the way to go.

Etsy has about a million and one things a picture can be made into, but I love the wood transfers because they look vintage and adorable.

They can run you anywhere from $20 to $200 if you want the really large, fancy pallets.

For the Man's Man Dad


Ok, so these might be the most absurdly expensive and yet coolest dad gifts ever. Definitely a group effort on price, but TOTES worth it.

Man Crates offers a variety of super awesome things your dad loves. From BBQ sauces to what is classified as "exotic meats", the items come in a wooden crate that dad has to bust open like a kid on Christmas morning. OH WAIT.

These seriously are so cool you might end up getting one for yourself.

For the Bearded Dad


The Dollar Shave Club offers gift ecards. All gifting problems solved.

But seriously, you can purchase a card for any amount from $35 and up and your dad will get razors delivered to his door and the card also gives him the option to add on fancy man things like shave butter.

For the TV Dad


An Apple TV is the gift that keeps on giving. It might take a bite out of your wallet, and yeah, you're probably going to have to spend an hour or two explaining how to use it to a dad who insists that he knows how...but at the end of the day dad is going to have all his Hulu, Netflix, movies, and music all in one place. That means efficiency for him, and also that he won't be calling you for help every time he needs to switch over from one to the other.

Go for the 3rd generation...he won't need anything more. It's going to run you about $69.00.

Bonus Buy: A subscription to Hulu or Netflix subscription is a super cheap way to make it a bundle gift from you and your siblings, and it will also save you the trauma of having to sign him up for them over the phone later.

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