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8 Stages Of Putting Up Christmas Lights

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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It's that time of year again where twinkling lights deck all the halls and fill us with Christmas cheer.

That is, after we get the God-forsaken things untangled.

Just know that we all experience the stages of Christmas lights, and we can get through this together.

1. Excitement

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OH MAN. It's Christmas time finnnnnaallllllyyy.

It's time to break out those storage boxes full of beautiful, twinkly lights that you most definitely took the time to put up correctly last year.

2. Worry

Giphy / Via DID put them away correctly last year instead of just throwing them all in the bin...RIGHT?

3. Fear

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Just open bad could it OHMYGODWHATHELLISTHIS??

How could they become THIS tangled sitting in a box??

4. Denial

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Ok, this isn't a problem. Nope. You're like, the PRO and untangling Christmas lights. You do it ever year! It's not a big deal.

5. Grief

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Why does it have to be so hard?

Why is LIFE so hard?


6. Anger

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Stupid Christmas lights! Stupid CHRISTMAS! I HATE YOU. I HATE EVERYTHING.

7. Blame

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This wouldn't be happening to me if my parents had raised me better and the school system taught me how to untangle lights.

8. Acceptance

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I guess these are just staying like this.

I hear the neighbors have lights on their house we could look at and pretend are our's.

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Good luck, friends. Stay strong this holiday season.

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