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12 Things You Have To Try This Christmas

It's a Pinterest Bucket List of holiday dreams.

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If pins could collect dust, we would all probably have pins sitting on boards that would be covered by now.

But this Christmas it's time to roll up your sleeves and finally put the "DO" part into DIY.

Here are 12 Pinterest ideas that you HAVE to try this Christmas.

1. Whimsical Window Decor

Cuckoo 4 Design / Via

It doesn't get easier or more festive than decking your halls with every sparkly and glittery object you can find.

Hanging your ornaments from your window rod not only looks adorable, but it will drive all your cats insane and prevent your dog from shattering glass all over the floor.

2. Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast

Pillsbury / Via

If you haven't tried making your cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron yet, I'm so sorry. You've been missing out on so much!

But here's your chance to really live. Christmas morning skip the hassle and plop those bad boys into the waffle maker and enjoy sweet, sweet joy.

3. Slightly More Difficult Yet Still Festive Christmas Breakfast

Kids Kubby / Via

By now you've probably seen those videos of people making "pancake art" and drawing Yoda's face on a griddle.

Well, let's just be real...we are not those people. But rejoice! Christmas morning you can pour your pancake batter into cookie cutter shapes and still have some pretty impressive edible to wow your family with.

You shall be the Van Gogh of Pancakes!

4. "Jingle" the Office

Squidoo / Via

The concept is simple, you create a bag of treats and leave it on an unsuspecting co-workers desk. They've now been "jingled" and must refill it with treats and pass it on.

It's exciting to come into work and hope you're the one who hit the Jingle Jackpot, and helps the office get into the holiday spirit. Bonus-You can get rid of all that Halloween candy you have leftover!

5. Creative Wrapping

Style Logistics / Via

Nothing says "I'm sorry I'm broke and your present is all I could afford but I love you" like a present wrapped with love and effort.

It's pretty easy to spruce (TREE JOKE) up a gift with just a little time and a few white out pens.

6. Three Ingredient Cookies

Chew Out Loud / Via

Now, you know...and I know...that we have the BEST intentions to do those really fancy, 14 ingredient Martha Stewart cookies this Christmas, but when it comes down to brass tacks you're going to realize that catching up on the new season of the Mindy Project took WAY more of your time than you thought it would.

Don't fret, these three ingredient cookies are life savers when you're suppose to show up with treats at the work holiday party. Easy and delicious!

7. Real People Festive Nails

All Day Chic / Via

How those girls get those Christmas sweater designs on their nails, I will never know.

But I DO know that I have painters tape and I can make two lines intersect. There are some neat DIY holiday nail tutorials like this one that even all of us amateur, wanna-be nail artists can pull off.

8. Wine-tery Decor

DIY Ready / Via

You see what I did there?

Let's be honest, you probably have an ample amount of empty wine bottles lying around that you've been trying to convince yourself you'll actually use for a Pinterest project for the past two years.

It's time, people. And it doesn't get any easier than shoving twinkly lights into them and setting them around your apartment like you're a boss.

9. Christmas in a Hurricane (Glass) / Via

Putting anything in a hurricane glass on your coffee table instantly gives you adult points.

You can literally throw anything out of your Christmas storage box in there and it looks like it's out of a Southern Homes magazine.

But if you want to put some real effort into it, Pinterest has a million examples of things you can put together to look classy as hell for your annual Christmas shindig.

10. Christmas Drinks That Are On Point

The House of Hendrix / Via

There are about a million and a half delicious Christmas drink ideas out there, but this one is about as easy and delicious as it gets.

All it takes is freezing coffee in ice cube trays and pouring them into your Baileys and vanilla vodka.

Be a real adult this Christmas and stop drinking your Baileys straight from the bottle! Bonus points for finally filling up those ice cube trays that have been sitting empty in your freezer for months.

11. 10 Minute Garland

Pinterest / Via

Let's face it, ain't nobody got time for those fancy garland projects all over Pinterest. Plus they always look like they got dragged behind Santa's sleigh when they are finished.

But this is a quick, fool proof garland that makes your apartment or house look colorful and sparkly. Plus, you could probably still make it while drinking your adult Baileys beverage and still be successful.

12. The Perfect Apartment Tree / Via

Who even has room...or time...or energy enough for a full tree in their tiny apartment?

A wall Christmas tree is an adorable minimalist idea to save space and look hipster AF this holiday.

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