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10 Ways To Know If You Have Christmas Fever

You may need a prescription for peppermint mochas and sleighbells.

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10 Ways To Know If You Have Christmas Fever

There's a special type of person out there, that when November 1st hits all Christmas hell breaks loose and they're ready for the holidays.

While everyone else is waging the war to ban Christmas before Thanksgiving, you're already exhibiting symptoms of Christmas fever.

If you're concerned you might be coming down with it, check this list and consult your nearest Santa.

1. You Appreciate the Details


No one may have noticed the insane details that every store and city work has put into all the holiday displays, but you have. In fact, you've toured the mall just to see the impressive holiday decor window displays.

Your bows are on point, department store designers. On. Point.

2. Serious Christmas Discussions Are Destroying Your Relationships


Whether it's an argument about the best Christmas carol of all time or deciding when is the appropriate time to put up the tree, talk of Christmas is dividing your household and friendships.

Which, by the way, the tree should have already been put up...but that's none of MY business.

3. Sneaking in Christmas Carols


Whether you're THAT person playing Christmas carols at their desk or you're just accidentally singing all your words to Christmas tunes, you find yourself sneaking in holiday music to all your daily activities.

Did your dreams have a White Christmas soundtrack last night?

5. Over Indulging in Christmas Treats


Ok, Thanksgiving might not be here yet...but that doesn't mean you can't buy all your favorite Christmas candy and all the egg nog you can handle and secretly enjoy it at home while watching your favorite Christmas movies....

7. Winter Closet Make Over Completed


There are still people walking around in short dresses and sandals, desperately clinging to summer while they can. Meanwhile, your closet now holds nothing but Christmas sweaters, boots, and festive sweater vests.

Winter is coming, and damn you look jolly.

8. July Shopping Accomplished


Everyone at the office is groaning about having to go holiday shopping and not knowing what they want this year, but you did all your shopping in July and have had everyone's gifts wrapped since August.

And you have a detailed list of what you'd like Santa to place under your tree. And you've picked out the wrapping paper you'd like, too.

9. Sensory UNDERload


As the stores changed immediately over to Christmas items, while everyone was complaining about it you were stalking all your favorite stores to see what their Christmas collections looked like this year.


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