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Everything Issa Rae Got Right With “Insecure”

If you claim to have never broken out into a mid-sentence freestyle then you are lying!

When Issa Rae announced that the fifth season of her hit show Insecure was going to be the final one, a large group of 20-something-year-old Black women let out a collective gasp. The show follows the loveable, yet slightly gullible, Issa as she navigates her complicated love life and long-term friendships while she searches for her ultimate career path and what makes her happy. What brings the show to life isn’t only the relatability of these growing pains but also, the honest depiction of Black people and our culture.

insecure's molly and issa standing by a wall and laughing

Here are the things that I think were best about Insecure!

The hairstyles

insecure's issa wearing a half up, half down natural hairstyle

The friendship

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 In the last few seasons, we see Issa and Molly start to realise that one of the only things keeping their friendship together is the length of time that they’ve known one another. Something I love about Insecure is that it delves into the complexities of friendship as a platonic relationship, and explores the reality of friendship breakups.

The dating

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When it comes to love, Issa and her girl gang have been through so many ups and downs in their love lives that there really isn't just one character that we can learn from. Whether you're #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence, one thing the Insecure writers don't shy away from is writing in those highly awkward moments in a relationship, like when she gets ghosted by Nathan. It seems like Issa makes all the wrong decisions when it comes to love, but in reality, they hold a mirror to what most of us tend to do. 

The freestyling

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If you claim to have never broken out into a mid-sentence freestyle then you are lying! The majority of the characters on the show tend to start rapping or flowing mid-way through their lines, and it adds to the natural vibe of their friendship and personalities that a lot of Black people can relate to. 

We were introduced to Issa’s classic hit ‘Broken P*ssy’ in the first season which was so out of the blue that it added a perfect comedic touch. In an interview with Rolling Stone, that she actually writes a Drake lyric into every episode. The freestyles are also used as a moment in the show for Issa to hype herself up and motivate her to do better in life. 

The therapy

insecure's molly sat with a therapist in their large office

The working life

insecure's molly smiling in her office doorway

The hustle

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Throughout the season we see Issa trying to find her footing as an entrepreneur – as she struggles to launch her community enterprise she finds herself picking up shifts as a Lyft driver. This is one of my favourite episodes as it's not only funny but depicts the struggle of doing a job you don’t love in order to fund your dreams. It's also when we get introduced to Issa’s third love interest Nathan, played by Kendrick Sampson, aka #LyftBae. 

The lighting

Insecure's molly and issa sitting in a dimly lit bar

The culture

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Black culture is very prominent throughout the whole series, from the costumes that the girls wear for Halloween to the food, language, and music that they dance to – there isn't an inch of the show which does not celebrate Black culture. One of my favourite moments in the show so far was when the whole crowd broke out into The Wobble.

The soundtrack

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I think it would be a disservice if I didn’t mention the amazing playlists that were put together to accompany the key moments in each episode from season one. The Official Insecure Playlist is updated weekly, and works perfectly alongside the weekly episode – it’s almost like a little musical gift from Issa herself. It also helps create a sonic library that displays the overall tone of the show. 

One song from the soundtrack that went viral on TikTok is by Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller, and it's even named after the series. Since the first season, Issa isn't only giving us nuanced Black female leads but also introducing her audiences to music from a whole range of Black artists, both mainstream and underground. Make sure you check out the playlist while you’re watching the final season!

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