10 Places From The Most Romantic Movies

Sometimes a place may not look amazing at first sight, but knowing that this is where Noah kissed Allie …makes it pretty breathtaking.

1. 1. Seabrook

Where Noah and Allie met and fell in love.
(The Notebook)

2. 2. Catskill Mountains

Where “Baby” and Johnny had the Time of Their Life.
(Dirty Dancing)

Movie buzz: Although the plot was placed in a resort in the Catskill Mountains (New York), the movie was filmed in Mountain Lake (Virginia)

3. 3. Notting Hill

The say you don’t comment the obvious.

4. 4. Georgia

Despite Georgia is such a wonderful place most of the “Gone With The Wind” movie was done on “the back forty”, a film studio in California.

5. 5. Beverly Hills

“Pretty Woman” in Beverly Hills? That I guess is not a surprise.

6. 6. New York

Because anything is possible in that City …even being in love with “Ghost”

7. 7. Wyoming

One trip to “Brokeback Mountain” can change your life forever .

Movie buzz: the film was shot largely in the Alberta Rockies (Canada)

8. 8. Wilmington

Oh, who wouldn’t like to visit a place of such a great love like Jamie and Landon had.

(A walk to remember)

9. 9. Casablanca

You’ve waited for this one haven’t you. Hope that information will note ruin your perception of this movie, but almost entire picture was shot in the studio.

10. 10. Seattle

I think I might start listening to the radio at night.

(Sleepless in Seattle)

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